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In order to move the domains to the new VPS server from the Shared Hosting server, I'll have to have some downtime as the domains are transfered.  Sadly, the only way to do that at present is to remove the domains from the shared package (which causes them to disappear from the internet), transfer the domains to new DNS servers (may take 24-48 hrs), then add them to the VPS package with new name servers.

This also will include in this outage, and Chris (SLOweather) has agreed to the transfer.  I'm waiting to hear from Chris (capeweather) about the domain movement.

I'll keep y'all informed via this thread, and via the message box messages.  No firm date/time has been set, but it will likely be a Saturday.

Best regards,

It's time to start the transfer process for the domain.  While the transfer is in flight, and may vanish from the net.  Please be patient.. we'll be back and fully on the new VPS hosting after the transfer is complete.

Best regards,

Transfer has begun.  The domain should transfer by 25-Jan-2020 to the new registrar, and will likely wink off the net as the original DNS SOA expires.

Sorry, but unavoidable -- the registration transfer process has a up to 6 day delay from accepted start of transfer to completion.
The transfer is to complete Jan 25 2020  5:52PM (Eastern?)
The process is to complete January 22, 2020.

I'll put the forum in maintenance mode when the DNS SOA winks out on the net.

Edit: left it in normal mode to see who might be able to access it despite no DNS SOA.  Surprise, a few users and a bunch of 'guests'.

All quiet here now. Seems weird. Just waiting for the domain transfer to complete. Another couple more days.

And... we're back.  The domain was transferred to ionos 2020-01-26T05:21:35Z (25-Jan-2020 22:21 Pacific) and I've connected it to the site.

Email connection may not be entirely fixed .. I'll check in the morning.

Welcome back!


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