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It has been a long outage due to database server issues with Ionos/1and1 mySQL server.

As of 08:30am Pacific on 31-Dec-2019, I've put the forum back online after changing to a different mySQL server.  The last post based on the backup was:

Latest Post: "Re: Merry Christmas ever..." ( December 25, 2019, 15:05:44 );boardseen#new

so we haven't lost any posts (AFAIK), just had the extended outage.  For those interested in the detailed log of the outage,
I've left it up here.  I've also modified the backup procedure to take daily DB dumps so we can quickly recover in the event this mySQL connection issue happens again.

Thanks for all your patience waiting for the forum restoration (and for not bombarding me with emails about the outage).

Have a Happy New Year to all.
Best regards,

ed.note: changed link to outage info to

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! [tup]

Been logging on to see what the status was.  Glad to see it back up and running.  Thanks for all the hard work you do, Ken.  It's good to be starting the new year off with up and running!!!!!  HAPPY NEWYEAR to you and yours and all of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Outstanding  [tup] [tup] [tup] [tup] [tup]

Thanks Ken for getting things back up and running.  Your ongoing update blog certainly helped and gave confidence that things were being worked on.

I trust you were still able to enjoy some holiday spirit.

Back to enjoy,


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