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How Far can you DX Long range with a NOAA Weather Radio?

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Just a Thought because I Have caught some pretty far stations before. Examples include; Winona WI, Escanaba MI, Indianapolis IN, and Adrian MI so far. These are not all the station I Have Caught though but they are the farthest I Have Caught. But I Was Wondering "How far can you REALLY Go with Weather Radio Dxing?"

Umm.. Can someone please tell me

Cutty Sark Sailor:
Ok... I'll bite:
NOAA ALL HAZARDS Weather radio is narrow-band FM. Transmitter power ranges from 100 to 1000 watts. Effective range is city blocks to maybe 30-40 miles, depending on lots of things. >20 miles in most areas is pretty terrible, without external antenna. I doubt many folks attempt NWR narrow band low power FM transmission "dxing'.  Which is probably why no one has responded.

I Mean I was able to DX with it so I Though has anyone ever done it here before because this is Kind of a Rare Topic since people mainly DX off Different radios, Mainly FM, AM and Shortwave and not the weather band.

To me "DX" implies a distant 2-way communication,  or at least getting a QSL card as verification that you heard a distant broadcast station.


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