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Thank you Ken! Glad to see the forum back up and running!

Than you Ken. I'm sure it was frustrating dealing with Level 1 support as it always is. Bunch of waste of time that is till you can get to the people that can really help. I was starting to show withdrawal symptoms, I didn't know what to do. So relieved now. Maybe I need a gadget free detox vacation. Nah who am I kidding that doesn't work.  :grin:

The best part was keeping us informed via index.php and weather-watch. I really appreciated that. (well we private emailed too but I'm just speaking for all others who I'm sure did appreciate it).

Thanks for your kind comments.

Yes, it's really frustrating to 'work' with only a L1 support person when they're trying to fit your problem symptoms to a play-book of responses and you have to slowly/carefully explain the detailed problem and who is likely to be able to solve it (the L2/L3 DB server admins).
Then, there's no ongoing feedback, just a nebulous 'it should be fixed in X hours, and if not call back'.  Grrrr.  Shared hosting is cheap, and so is the canned support.

I use a shared hosting ionos contract for the forum (which also hosts and a test website) so it is easily portable if need be.  My other ionos contract is for a fairly beefy VPS (CentOS7) where I run plus a bunch of the regional network sites.  That support is EXCELLENT as I have a dedicated consultant who is a Unix geek and we can resolve any issues that arise on just the one phone call.. but, you do get what you pay for.. it's about 3x the $ as the shared hosting.

I know how important is to our members and I'll continue to offer status on multiple venues if we have an outage.

Best regards,

Thank you very very much for taken you time and trouble to get the site back up and running !!! I was having some serious weather  withdrawals symptoms  waiting on the site to come back up  :shock: . Once again thanks  [tup] [tup] [tup] !!!

Thank you Ken!

(another) Ken


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