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It all started when the database server started rejecting requests due to 'maximum number of concurrent connections'.

Even after placing the forum in Maintenance mode, and removing the direct SQL parts (to starve off connections), it still wouldn't resolve on its own.  It took three calls to ionos tech support to have their Level 2/3 DB experts finally get the database operational again.

On 12-Nov at 6 AM PST, the database was back, but needed attention to work with SMF.  I ran a repair tables operation, then ran the forum's internal find/fix errors and optimize tables.

Now we're back online, and I think that only in-flight postings at the time of the failure may have been lost, but nothing else.
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At 07:15, the forum was taken out of maintenance mode and resumed normal operation.  Thanks for your patience during this episode.

Best regards,

Well done Ken - we can all do without these hassles.

Good work. [tup]

As always thanks for your efforts Ken, like you needed one more thing to do right!
Good work.

Well done Ken, and great  to see we're all still here. 

Also thank you for having that offline message as I am sure that avoided a large panic by us members.

Sincerely appreciated,


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