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I see that the Sangean Cl-100 has the ability to block specific types of alerts that may not be relevant to your specific area.  Unfortunately, the Cl-100 has to be plugged in all the time or you will go through batteries like candy.

1)  For the Cl-100, if you go through the trouble to block some alert types, then remove the batteries and power, do all your settings get lost, or are they saved?  This radio may still be on my list of possibilities if this is possible.  If I have to redo all my settings every time I get the radio out for camping, that will be a pain.

2)  I really like the portable radio as well, (DT-800).  Unfortunately, for that radio, I don't think it is possible to block certain types of alerts.  All you can do is turn the alerts off.  If we are camping, I would want wildfire alerts active, but not some other types of alerts.  Is there a portable weather radio out there that does allow selective alert blocking?

A lot of reviews on Amazon say that the batteries are drained WHILE the radio is on AC power. That is not a good feature for a weather alert radio, even if your settings are saved.


--- Quote from: bchwdlks on November 09, 2019, 01:50:27 AM ---A lot of reviews on Amazon say that the batteries are drained WHILE the radio is on AC power. That is not a good feature for a weather alert radio, even if your settings are saved.

--- End quote ---

I'm going through that right now.  I sent mine in, but they say they can't find anything wrong with it.  They are, however, sending me a new one.

Settings weren't saved for me.

The Sangean PR-D4W may be a good one to consider.  The alerts can be set to visual only.  But the selectable alerts of the CL-100 looks really nice too.  If I were to go for the CL-100, I think I'd want to use it with the batteries in a ziplock back ziptied to the side and keep it plugged in.  The, while camping without power, install the batteries.

I wouldn't want the family to be woken up to an alert that isn't relevant to us. BUT, if a wildfire broke out, I'd want to know about that.

For most people the decision is often between the Sangean CL-100 and the Midland WR400. But neither of these are really designed for portability but rather for tabletop and AC mains use. The batteries are as a backup for the clock and perhaps for radio usage during a power outage.

I've had a CL-100 for 6 years. I've never had to reprogram it. I have two county zip codes programmed. I'm using the default alerts. If I pull the batteries and the AC at the same time the only thing I lose is the date and clock. My programmed multiple zip codes are not lost. I change the batteries every couple of years. I never gave it much thought that batteries needed to be replaced even though it is always on AC, because there are power outages. The thing to realize about this radio is that even when you don't have it turned on for listening the display is on and it is always listening to the set weather station if you have that weather alert switch flipped on. So to me it seems normal that it uses batteries even when on AC (because of power loss events). This past year though I decided to let the radio be without any batteries. I don't care about alerts if I have no power...because I install them then if I feel the situation warrants being alerted. Most of the time I just experience a power outage of 2 or 3 hours tops. When power comes back after a short while the clock sets itself so I don't care if the clock is not set right away after power is returned.


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