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Happy 13th to

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... and many more.

a day late.

Oooh... I'm feeling very old now, Dan.  Yes, the first post was July 20, 2006, 23:08:36 PDT here by Chris (CapeWeather) when this forum was first established.  The first public post was  July 26, 2006, 07:32:42 PDT here announcing the (what we thought was) the temporary home for the site.

Now 13 years old, and:
Total Members: 15242    Total Posts: 372796    Total Topics: 36082

The forum stats show we're still active and growing, and that Dan holds the current record for most time online :)

Here's to another year of weather enthusiasts helping each other in our mutual weather hobby.

Best regards,

I am "new" to this forum (and any other forum for that matter) having been directed here thru a Google search regarding the problems I was having with my WU account. Little did I realize at the time that WU was swallowed up by IBM after being taken over by the Weather Channel. This forum has been extremely helpful with resolving some issues and providing information. The members all seem eager help each other and support each other with this hobby that we all share.

Thanks for that link Ken.
Remember that thread like it was yesterday. A lot of old forum members in there. Hard to believe its been 13 years.

Congratulations and well done Ken, et all.
Good to also see some of the old timers, sorry DanS, still monitoring and participating.

So often a wxforum topic comes up when searching for things related to weather stations, recording and displaying, indicating the large audience and interest.



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