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Chatham-Kent Ontario ALERT not working MIDLAND WR120


There's been a bunch of weather warnings today including a brief tornado warning, but my Midland WR-120 has sat here quietly ignoring them.
It did go off for a watch yesterday OK, I went in the menus and checked it was still set right even though nobody has access to the radio except me and my cat (and really he can't reach it)
Signal comes in loud and clear too.

Any ideas,?  I emailed EC to see if there's an issue with alerts, but that's be a day or so before I'll head back.
I've had the radio 5+ years now I think (I honestly for get how long I've had it)  So I also wondering it it's gone bad?

Maumelle Weather:
Makes me wonder if they changed the Zone/county code for that particular area.....

There is a weekly test alert every Wednesday. See if your radio picks up the test alert signal next Wednesday.

I'm not sure what to   think right now, the radio alarmed 4 times this morning. twice at 8:45am then twice again about 5 minutes later, but I just checked now and I only see a 'severe thunderstorm warning' displayed.
BUT the EC website for this ares only shows a 'heat warning'  So I think the radio is ok, and the warning got hung up somehow, but that is just a guess..
They seem to be busy promoting the smart phone app (WeatherCAN) that crashes constantly on my phone, I finally uninstalled it.  and the radio is taking a back seat it seems...
I emailed EC last night about it, so I guess it's wait and see what(if) they say.

On a recent trip to Montreal, I wanted to download the WeatherCAN app but the US Apple Store doesn't have it. I found "Alertable", which worked really well. There were a few severe thunderstorm watches / warnings and a heat warning while I was there and I got all of the alerts.

And it's in the US app store. Not sure if it is restricted for Android. Almost all of the gripe reviews you see are because it doesn't work for US locations but is available in the US store (which was exactly what I was looking for!).


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