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Who Misses the Old Noaa Weather Radio voices?

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Tom was the greatest. Always gave me goosebumps listening to severe wx in the plains.


--- Quote from: Jim_S on April 04, 2019, 12:43:22 AM ---I don't remember any names but we had one that stuttered (a lot). Anyone else remember that?

--- End quote ---

Was this him?  :grin:

Greg H.

I miss only one-half of the 'real people' voices from long ago.  That's the fact that they were real people, with different accents, pronunciations and overall sound.

I don't miss trying to adjust modulation on a transmitter to accommodate the WIDE RANGE of volumes between the soft-spoken women and the basso profundo men. 

the live voices sound like truckers on cb

I'm pretty sure they didn't get any real vocal training, like watching levels, listening to yourself, etc.   

"Here: Record this for the radio feed."     But hey, they're paid to forecast WX. 

Currently readability of the synthesized voices:  Pretty darn good.

Local color  and real human voice of the old way:  I still miss it (we had some really nice voices in the Raleigh NC office, years ago, just untrained), a little bit. 


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