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Who Misses the Old Noaa Weather Radio voices?

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Who Misses Tom, Perfect Paul, and Donna? and wants them back!?



I miss the days when they used <GASP> real people's voices on the air!  It made the whole broadcast more personal when the forecasters actually read the weather, instead of just being nameless initials at the bottom of the Area Forecast Discussion written product.....

I don't. I found them hard to understand (and a little creepy). I much prefer the current voice.

I don't remember any names but we had one that stuttered (a lot). Anyone else remember that?

Take it or leave it, but the current (since 2016) voice reminds me of Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards' voice, who ironically took office in 2016.  I was casually shooting the bull with my next-door neighbor and he too said the current voice also reminds him of the said governor.

Now please leave all politics at the door.

I personally wish they would go back to using real human voices.

I also wish that products like the traveler's forecast and the agricultural forecast were brought back, but those were before my time.

I've only been listening to weather radio since December of 2001 and during that time Perfect Paul was in use.

The only time I heard human voices was for the tide data and it was an older Cajun lady who did the voice for the tides...


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