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Midland WR400 or Sangean CL-100 Weather Radio?

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I received my CL100 from Amazon the other day and after 2 days of use the screen went blank, it was powered up and the screen was lit up, but there was NO text on the screen.  I reordered another from Amazon today, but I wondering if there is a chronic problem with these.  I was really considering the Midlan WR400 but really like the way the CL100 volume slowly increases for alerts.

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I've had my CL-100 for over 6 years and the display (and everything) looks as good as day 1.

Maybe there is a recent quality control issue. I did read about 2 Amazon reviews where the screen went out. But that is a very low report and I don't see it as a chronic issue or there would have been way more complaints.

And why is the plastic shipping screen protection still on there? Could that be the problem? Is that plastic causing some damage if used with it left on?

I donít believe that would cause an issue, but Iím not sure

I know this is old, but I've been perfectly happy with my two WR120 radios. They are MUCH better all around then the older wr300 they replaced.


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