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05-Feb-2019 - email servers for blacklisted... grrr.

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While we're not the naughty ones doing spam, the common email egress servers for 1and1 shared hosting appear to be on the blacklist from Spamhaus today
--- Quote --- Checking on lists is NOT Listed is NOT Listed IS LISTED

Checking on lists is NOT Listed IS LISTED IS LISTED

Checking on lists is NOT Listed is NOT Listed IS LISTED
--- End quote ---

So... notification emails, new member validation emails, etc. are all being rejected EVEN for and addresses.

I'm contacting 1and1 tech support this morning.

Sigh, the sometime perils of being on a shared hosting webserver when they use a common email egress platform.

Just got off the phone with 1and1 techsupport.


The problem appears to be caused by 1and1 itself with an over-agressive internal spam filter that is classifying most of the emails emitted by the SMF forum as 'Junk:10' so is rejecting them.  They claim there is no way to 'whitelist' specific senders and that certain keywords/phrases are used (so 1990's) in the classification.  IMHO, they added some keywords last night and that's causing the issue today.. lots of bounce messages today.  The blacklist says
--- Quote ---Ref: SBL254215 is listed on the Spamhaus Block List - SBL
2017-02-09 23:20:33 GMT |

The IP addresses listed in this SBL are used by 1&1 solely for delivering emails that have been internally (by 1&1) classified as SPAM.

--- End quote ---
so it's an internal blacklist that is causing the issue.

1and1 techsupport has escalated the issue to their 3rd level with a 24/48hr response limit.

If they can't fix it in 2 days, we'll be porting the forum to a different hosting provider .. this is UNACCEPTABLE!


Sounds like they have no clue...

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Your GRRRRRR is louder than mine Ken, and hope they cooperate to get it resolved.

I have somewhat similar issue with GoDaddy as they say my IP address has poor email reputation and I can't login to my GoDaddy hosted email accounts from my home.  This happened within days after my ISP assigned a new IP address for me.  GoDaddy says to get my ISP to issue a new IP; my ISP says the IP address is assigned randomly and they can't change it; and neither has any sympathy for my situation and won't do anything.  I have reached out to the organizations that have listed the offending IP but no response yet.

Good luck,

Methinks that some bozo added a bunch of keywords to the 1and1 filter yesterday and that's causing the bounces.  Their filter automatically categorizes each message and inserts some X- headers in the mail which then triggers the destination email ingress server to bounce it.   Previously, our messages from SMF were categorized as bulk, but not junk.. now it's almost always junk.

Meanwhile.. folks may not receive forum notification messages until this is resolved..  Lots of bounces this morning (in addition to various other domains).


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