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I use the Midland 74-200, the Midland 74-250C, the La Crosse W89547, an Electra Bearcat 300, and soon a RadioShack 12-255 to receive NOAA broadcasts.

Stumbled on this old thread looking for new SAME supported weather radios that support firmware upgrades in order to add new event codes.

I have Radio Shack models 12-249, 12-250 and 12-262. The first two are so old, dating back to the late 1990's, that they do not support Tropical Storm Watch (TRA) or Tropical Storm Warning (TRW). We had those issued back in early July when Fay hit the NYC area. My radios displayed "Unknown Warning - Tune TV". The 12-262 supports them but does not support the newer Extreme Wind Warning (EWW) or Blue Alert (BLU).

I also have a Radio Shack PRO-163 scanner that supports SAME as well as a Vector model WC300DSV. Both of them support the TRA and TRW alerts but not the newest EWW and BLU codes.


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