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Everyone using NOAA Weather Radio please reply with what current hardware you use to receive these broadcasts.  I know that Mike (Cutty Sark Sailor) would like to compile this information into a list for new and future users to determine what hardware to use to obtain these broadcasts.  Information such as radio make / model, and any other types of interface including the new USB type Dongle receivers etc.  Also include any information on external antenna / indoor whips etc.

With regards to Randy's (Valentine Weather) reply on the other Wxforum post - NOAA WEATHER RADIO by Mike, (and from which this new thread was started - ALL CREDIT TO Randy for asking the question, I have only started the new thread), you can also submit along with radio types, the encoder your using, and whether your including the stream on your website.  Any other reverent information you think would help a newbie, PLEASE INCLUDE, use Mike's input as an example....

Thanks in advance.


Andy G:
Here Goes

My hardware is a Bearcat SC-150 Sportcat scanner witha a Diamond D130J Super Discone Antenna. I already had the antenna for my scanners it was a huge upgrade from the stock antenna.

Bismarck, ND  -  WXL78
Using a NooElec SDR radio in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi2.
Antenna is the fixed length black one included with purchase.  I was close enough to tower that an external wasn't needed.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
Midland WR-300/s with standard slip-rod antenna..
WIN 7, 8, 10 platforms
testing various encoders, settings, etc... testing one home brew ground plane for a distant station.
BUTT, M3W, MIXXX, etc at mounts.
Primary stream on is Broadwave off a 300 on the
brilliant little WIN7 HP S5510F that powers virtually all stuff.

I removed my post thought we were doing a streaming setup.

Added post on other thread:

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