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Atlas lightning detector fake strike problem?


Atlas lightning detector has anyone solved the fake impact problem one by one?

Not that I know of except sending it back to Acurite. They won't spill the beans on how to fix it our self's. Supposedly twisting the motor wires together helps. However, mine were all ready twisted and it still had many strikes per day. I did take it down and make the motor wires longer and routed them as far away from the lightning sensor as I could. That has reduced the false strikes. I rarely get a false strike now when the wind is below 21 MPH. Anything 21 and above cause false strikes (only during daylight).  I think my next step will be to tape the motor wire down. The heavier winds must be moving the wire and causing the false strikes. Also my UV sensor never gets past 8 or 9 even in mid summer when surrounding stations are showing 11+ here in the desert southwest of Texas.

The motor wires in mine have been taped down. That does seem to have some effect.


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