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My wife and I have a La Crosse Model #WS-8117U-IT-C atomic clock, which was a gift from our daughter several years ago. I need a replacement remote sensor for it, model number TX37U-IT (or TX6U-IT). These seemed to have disappeared. Iíve been searching and cannot find one. Does anyone know of any place where I can obtain one? Were this not a gift from our daughter I'd just toss it, however this has sentimental value.

BTW, we did order a Newentor Q7 Weather Station, which should arrive today.

Did you try

I pick up stuff there from lacrosse every so often?


Hi Ken. I'm a Ken also...

I searched Ebay but not his place specifically. Turns out he hasn't got one either, however I'm going to contact him, JIC. It's like these things just disappeared off the face of the earth. I finally found one used (looks like it was in a smoke house) and the guy wants $20 for it. No way. These sensors aren't the greatest quality to start with. It just amazes me. I've even searched some European sites. I think it's some sort of government conspiracy  ;-)

Thanks for the assist, Ken.


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