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Which logger? A schematic

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Edit: This post has been updated so that it now shows the latest iteration of the schematic rather than the first. The other older posts in the thread are no longer directly relevant. If you want to read more explanation and context then see:

With each new logger type that's launched it's getting increasingly tricky to explain to new users what role each type can fill. So I've concocted a schematic to try to help explain things but not sure how successful or complete it is. Any comments welcome. A few points:

* I've tried to keep it relatively simple so there's no attempt to include or name every individual logger type etc - just the mainstream ones;
* USB-type logger is shorthand for simple loggers, ie 6510USB and clones and indeed the serial logger;
* Enhanced loggers is just a convenient group term for WiFi Logger, Nano and the old WeatherlinkIP logger;
* I know is in a sense just another cloud platform but it has a special prominence in the Davis ecosystem;
* This schematic focuses on VP2 wireless stations & also does not cover Davis remote stations like the Enviromonitor range or the Connect VP2 remote gateway;

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EDIT: The comments on this post are no longer relevant for the previous post because the above diagram has been updated with a newer diagram revision.

A great idea and nice diagram, but I think this sways the decision towards an enhanced logger as it seems to have all the options even though it has some cons. I think the current depiction you have under-represents the power of the WeatherLink Live and its API and the ability to support multiple local 3rd party software simultaneously. Whereas the enhanced logger only support but one software as long as you properly don't compromise the Loop 2 timing for the software to get data which means you really can't run more than one software reliably with the enhanced logger option. There is also no indication that the USB option would be limited to just one software.

Maybe see if you can represent this in version 2 of your nice diagram.  ;)

OK, many thanks. I'd like to keep it reasonably simple but try this - I've added a couple of short labels and varied the thickness of the connecting lines to give some indication of capability/utility.

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 [tup] Perfect...nice elegant fix. For added clarity the WLL API support multiple programs on the same system or multiple systems.

One more iteration then. (NB This image is on a transparent background - the contrast is actually a bit better against white rather than the grey of this page.)

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