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That link is to a superseded Davis anemometer design prior to 2014, the wind direction component maybe quite similar but unsure just how much relevance there is with the current cartridge design version? Maybe an update is due?   

No big issue for me, they probably kept things close, which I can deal with.  I went out, and yanked gently on the cable and things changed as far as fail modes, so I suspect a cable...  I suspect on the ISS end, as I did each end separately, and that is the end that seemed to make things better.  So...  I'll get outside soon, put on the contact cleaner, then pull them and grease them up with Dielectric, then reinsert...

I am such an a$$ hole. I just can't participate. So our weather station is NOT worth anything in the whole scope of things. Besides, they don't like my data. I am in a canyon well separate from the other stations. We have our own weather.

Wouldn't it be cool to live on the high prairie where other stations are. Snow storms, etc. But we would never see that. But we don't see it so we get dinged for quality.

Weather patterns are critical. It sucks when we are left out.


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