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Atlas Tear-Down Photos

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--- Quote from: DoctorKnow on February 02, 2019, 05:16:16 PM ---
--- Quote from: nincehelser on October 09, 2018, 12:09:25 PM ---Underside of rain bucket assembly.  This houses the 3 solar panels and the UV/Light intensity sensor.

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If you take out those two screws that hold the piece in behind the south pointing solar panel, (to the right in pic) there is a board under it with a capacitor. This is where I found my issue on the Atlas I have that dropped signal on the Access out of sunlight. Apparently there is a poor connection on that board. I fiddled with it, and now my signal isn't dropping out permanently, but is still missing some transmissions...

What I need to do is swap rain buckets and see if the issue goes away entirely.

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Ya know my original first run Atlas would drop power and shut down and somebody, maybe you, mentioned that memory cap. I had already ordered a new sensor and the original Atlas is in its box in my shed. Now that I see that picture I can tear it down someday and see if it needs to be resoldered. Hopefully your still active and see this but I doubt I'm going to dig it out soon but now I know what to check [tup]

RIP, @nincehelser.....  :-(


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