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I'm thinking about purchasing the LaCrosse 330-2315. Anyone have any experience with this unit?

No, we're waiting for you to buy it and tell us all about it !   Seriously though, its obviously a new unit and apparently only for sale in the US. Looks promising, with a combined rain/wind unit but sensibly a separate thermo/hygro.   

Well, after running for three weeks I got dashes for outside temp, humidity and rain on the inside display.  After troubleshooting with LaCrosse they have decided to replace the entire unit.  They even sent me a pre paid shipping label to return the defective unit.  I'm bummed about not having my PWS for a couple of weeks but I will say that LaCrosse customer service has been top notch so far.

For the three weeks that my PWS was operating correctly it was tracking right along with measurements of PWS's around me.

I should receive my replacement in the next week or so.



I have one and is working very good untill right now, I did the wifi setup and saved the IP for the weather station at the router DHCP, changed the batteries for better AA from SONY/PANASONIC and did one wall mount rack for the lcd display with some old scrap metal parts that I had at home.

Some photos:





I ordered one of these to get my feet wet with my first PWS. I will report back (in about a week) when I have it up and running :)


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