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NEW: Meteobridge can share a connected Vantage with another program

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Yes, but you'll need to convert the serial connection of your logger to USB via a serial to USB adapter. This adapter needs to have the Prolific pl2302 chipset or the FTDI chipset. You'll likely also need a powered USB 2.0 hub if the serial to USB adapter is not a USB 1.1 device. Unless you use one of the newer Meteobridge hardware that has a USB 2.0 port already built in. Be sure to set logger to 19200 baud.

Or you could just get a WeatherLink Live. Both the Meteobridge and Weather-Display will see this device on the network and both talk to it at the same time. Yes this is a more costly solution for those that have already invested in an existing logger. But it is a less cluttered setup and it frees your console to just be a viewing device with only a power connection coming from it. The WeatherLink Live and the Meteobridge can be out of sight, leaving just the console out in sight.


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