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Jumpin Joe:
Sorry for the late response.... 

Thanks for all of your hard work and support of Blitzortung and WXForum.  =D&gt;  =D&gt;


What does it signify when one's station is highlighted in yellow?

Great Effort!

This is a treasure trove for those who are curious, to say the least.


Hey, maybe it isn't enough caffeine here, but what did you mean by this statement?

" proper 'cycle' images for your station... upper left corner of each image..."

I'm not getting it.  What's a cycle to you?  The version? The stepping through the images?  I'm confuzed.

I gotcha.  It would be 'watching updates happen' in my vernacular!

No static images unless the aforementioned things are causing the station to not be updating in the server.

Just verbage, but I was thinking of having to manually click on something to see it change.

All is well with my page.

Two questions more:

How much of a load does this place on the BO server?  Does it efficiently dispatch to your display scripts, or is it a bandwidth hog when you are getting a request for a display (which, question 1a, is do you generate those displays constantly, or ONLY when someone loads a particular station and then your software gets busy?)

Final question:  Do you drink from a fountain or a bubbler?



Thanks for how you do it.

And, is it pop or soda?


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