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Cutty Sark Sailor:
America's Region Operators
Server Signal Graphics now restored at Sferics.US the recent server issues are becoming resolved...

More Signal Data presented, and a few more modifications may be forthcoming
Operators can access your station channels using your Sferics.US credentials.

The images do NOT attempt to show all signals sent by your station, for various reasons. The Server is polled at 2 second intervals... if no signals sent from that amp, or that specific channel, in that 2 sec window, the image is blank. Currently, some of the specific windows may show only the channel selected by the server as "Valid"... that is, the best channel data to be considered for 'stroke' identification and for 'locating' computations.

This is NOT public data..
BT operators only, stations assigned to Region 3 (Americas Hemisphere) This does include some 'other' stations that also report to Region 3 Server.

This list, as of 12/14/2018 should include those listed on the Main BT manifest, only, and there are still a few glitches with that list.  If there's an issue on that list, then there will be an issue on Sferics. If you're not on it, I can't add you to Sferics.

System GREEN graphics not available.
A few nuts and bolts to tighten, some revisions, but she's operable...


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