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I'm far from being expert, but can say that since my H field drown, I'm running only E field,
I'm manual mode, with standard settings across the board, with auto adapt on, and all three (a and b aren't used as far as I can tell) set to 10 and 8 for gains which works for my local noise setting.

I have been seeing strikes within 7 miles and not going into interference mode, and yet have received signals and been purple with submission for strikes that are in Texas and Kansas and even near Florida, even though I'm in north western wisconsin, near minneapolis. 

I can't say that I've had a lot of time to fiddle and tweak, and am looking for an eventual auto setting, but with the performance this summer, I'm happy to leave it set as is, know I'm contributing, not into interference all the time, and doing surprisingly well with just the Efield.

I have tried in the past to have long range with the H and it was frequently sending me into interference mode.  Awhile ago Egon hinted or outright said that he'd envision (in other words, this is what will be) more short range detection as more stations come on line.  There are still a lot of holes across the US and Canada and Mexico, but for the most part there are good patterns to watch.  And there is absolutely nothing even rabid participants can do about it since there are no more REDs and BLUE is still in trial and production. 

If you've not tried the settings I've mentioned, then let me know, or if there are others that need values that I overlooked.  And I'm thinking your noise environment may not find those numbers I've entered to be best. 

If you've not done so, turn your H amps off for awhile.  We are seeing a lot of storms all over the country today, so you'll have the chance to play with it a bit.  I've gotten a kit to build up to replace the H stuff that drowned, but haven't yet, mainly because what I have is working well enough right now, and far to many things have surfaced in the last couple months to let me proceed with final assembly of the H kit.

I'm modifying that statement.  I've seen at least one strike while watching that was within 3 miles and did not trigger interference mode. Kept on ticking and hearing storms that were a few hundred miles away while the north part of our county got hammered pretty well.


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