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Adding E Field Probe - Startup and Operation - not for construction

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Hey, I'm pretty amazed already!

My little solo Efield was looking down into Texas and the Gulf seeing strikes yesterday and today.

Hows that for astounding.

Maumelle Weather:
Hi Folks,

Finally got my E-field online yesterday, thanks to Jumpin Joe. I initially had used the CAT5 connection that came with the E filed kit on my Red controller, because when I originally ordered the Red, it only had one normal CAT 5 connection with it, instead of 2. So, after looking here, I saw where Don (Minden, NV) had ordered some more off of Ebay. He was kind enough to send me the part #.  I ordered those. Then I went to work on building the E field kit. Got the kit built, got the connectors in.  Assembled everything, (after placing one of the SMD's in the wrong spot).  Took everything out to the Red location, plugged it in and.....nothing happened. No power, lights, etc.  Needless to say I was bummed. Brought the E field back into the house, went over it with a 10X magnifying glass, and couldn't see anything wrong.

Long story made short is the connector I had gotten had an internal power connection built into it that wasn't allowing anything to work. Joe tracked it down for me. I would have never considered that being the problem.

It is currently detecting some of the strokes out in the Gulf of Mexico, some 500-700 miles away from me. The preamp/antenna is currently inside my shed about 8 feet above the ground, and about 4 feet away from the H field antenna, which my explain some of the additional noise I am seeing. I'm open to suggestions as to its final placement.



Cutty Sark Sailor:
Good show, John...  =D&gt;
(And Limpin' Joe (temporay) er... Jumpin Joe.)
Your sigs look good on H field...
E field probe/preamp assy needs to be OUTSIDE....   away from the shed.  8-12 feet high should be fine. Mine's 21', I think.


Cutty Sark Sailor:
 :twisted: This topic needs to be bumped.  Especially with the new "Blue" system on the horizon... So, here... "BUMP", dang it...

Hi all,

I am just about to do some pre season maintenance work on my set up and am just going over posts in general.  How critical in all this is the  channel threshold settings? ALso is there a link to somewhere that goes more into these particular settings?



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