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Just last week I called Davis because my Vue would run on the battery but not the solar panel...talked to Brian at Davis and after a bit of troubleshooting, we decided I needed a refurb...I could either mail it back and be without it for a month (Brian said that) or I could pay for the refurb and do it myself.  I did the refurb here as it is an easy was about $100, I got both the transmitter board and the battery board...only glitch is they get $180 bux for a 'core' charge that will be refunded when they get their parts back.  I got the parts, sent back my old ones and just got my refund day before yesterday.  Easy peasy!

I think it took care of my problem because there are only two boards in the Vue.  Time will tell...


Interesting!  that option would certainly work for Canadians.  About 10 bucks each way for Vantage boards.

Thanks for all the info. My station is going to get replaced hopefully this spring,
and for the cost, I'll send my old one back for the refurb. I have a few family
members that want to know what the weather is at their homes.

They will advise you to tie down the rain tipper before you ship it to them and you can pay a little extra for more expedited return shipping. As far as the Solar (I don't have UV), it came back looking like it was "touched". I don't remember what the statement breakdown was but that sensor did seem to have been under their scrutiny.

With me paying for expedited shipping both ways and having the supplied RMA on the box beforehand, my turn around time from ship to receive was about 2 weeks. I did have to make a phone call after they received it to provide them with payment.

Great idea making this a sticky, Don!

Joe A:
We need to rewind and start over with the "refurb" notion. This is for out of warranty (older than 1yr) units.

According to Davis Support, there is no "refurb" program, per se. If your unit stop functioning correctly and you want Davis to service it, you package the whole thing up and send it to Davis at your expense. Davis "repairs" the unit, replacing necessary parts, if the unit is not so damaged as to be non-repairable. If the unit is damaged beyond repair, they will send you a refurbished unit. You pay for all parts or for the completely refurbished unit and you pay return shipping. I just got off the phone with support. So, I'm hoping my translation is accurate! Best thing to do is to call Davis support to get your own direct explanation of "repair" or "refurb": 510 732 7814.

If you decide to not go through Davis for repairs, give me a call. We generally can troubleshoot your problem and get the correct parts to you that are easy to install.

BTW, sensor recalibration is NOT included in any repair or refurb, as I understand it from Davis. You would have to pay additional for NIST calibration.

Joe Amadeo
1+ 928 635 1088 MST


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