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Joe A     You should spend a little time reading threads/posts here concerning the Davis refurb deal. A LOT cheaper option than buying repair parts from someone that sells new stations for $535. Most people here that have had it done are happy with the results.

Joe A:

I did read the posts and that's why I called Davis earlier today as I had not ever once been informed by Davis (as a long time dealer) that this was an option. The person I spoke with this AM relayed to me exactly what I posted above. After reading your post, I called Davis back and found out from Jerry that this is, indeed, an available option. But even Jerry took awhile to comprehend my question about "refurbing a unit." He kept referring to repair until I pressed and pressed and pressed. In fact, I didn't get the correct reply that corroborates the posts here until I read a quote from W3DRM's post. Then the lights came on and to my surprise, Jerry confirmed the complete refurb for $100 plus $12 in return shipping.

This is a great deal!!!

Thanks for snapping at me in your reply. It made me pick up the phone again immediately and talk with someone at Davis who I've spoken with before. I am a bit dismayed that it took so much prodding and prying to get the information from Davis tech. And I'm even more surprised that in the face of thousands of conversations with my Davis reps and Davis tech support over the years that not once has this wonderful option been presented to us.

Thanks again,

Joe Amadeo
1+ 928 635 1088 MST

As a 'long time dealer', you have to know that T/S at Davis ain't what it used to be. I usually have to make three calls to get the same answer from 2 reps....

Just sent my Vantage 2 wireless station in today, the cost is $140+12 return shipping.

My buddy has a Vantage Pro (not Pro 2) that has a bad supercap.  I told him about this thread, and he called Davis.  They told him they no longer service that model.  No refurb, no out of warranty repairs, no parts.  Basically, SOL.

So he sourced the supercap elsewhere and ordered a couple (something like three bucks each) and will do the repair himself.


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