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This post is meant to, once again, remind everyone who owns a Davis Weather Station that Davis has an excellent refurbishment program for all but their very oldest of equipment. Any station that is currently being manufactured or serviced is eligible.

EDIT: May 6, 2016 - The pricing shown in this first post is no longer valid. Contact Davis for a quote BEFORE you send it in. You may find that ordering a replacement ISS (assuming your console is still good) may be a better deal or will allow you to have a "spare" ISS to use while your other unit is being refurbed. See comments about this in later posts in this thread.

NOTE: The original Vantage Pro is no longer being serviced by Davis.

There have been several recent posts on this forum that mention that the owners have shipped back individual components for around $80 to refurb them. What most folks don't know is that Davis will refurbish your entire weather station, including the anemometer assembly and console, for a flat fee plus the cost to ship it back to you. Turn-around time, after receipt by Davis, is typically less than a week. True, you will be without a station for a period of time but it is well worth the wait. I've had mine refurbed several times when parts went bad and it came back looking almost like new.

The cost for refurb, as of this writing, is set at $100 $140 plus $12 for shipping your equipment back to you. You, of course have to pay to get it to them.

You will have to contact Davis and ask them about this program and whether or not your station is eligible for the program. If it is, and you are interested, ask them for a RMA number and shipping directions. They have a specific shipping address to use. And no, before anyone living in the SF Bay area asks, they do not accept drop-offs at that address. I asked about doing that but they said they don't accept drop-offs. It has to be shipped.

So, where do you call or send an email? see below:

* Davis Customer Support

* email:
* Telephone: (510) 732-7814 [Mon-Fri, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm Pacific time]The above information is also available on their website at:

* word of advice if you decide to send your station in for refurb - remove the batteries from the console and the ISS before shipping them. Davis does not seem to replace the batteries so you will receive it without them. This has been the case in the last two refurbs I've had done on my VP2. You may also want to tie-down the rain-bucket tipping mechanism prior to shipping to prevent any damage to it.

EDIT 06/27/2014: Documented the new pricing & the dropping of the original Vantage Pro unit from the serviceability list.

Thanks for the update, sounds like a great deal. This would include calibrating solar and uv sensors as well :?:


--- Quote from: tbern on March 05, 2014, 04:15:13 PM ---Thanks for the update, sounds like a great deal. This would include calibrating solar and uv sensors as well :?:
--- End quote ---

I don't know about the Solar/UV sensors. Give them a call and find out. If you do, and get an answer, post it in this thread so all of us will know.
I wish we had a similar program on this side of the pond...

And north of the border.  :(  It pretty much kills you to send the unit south, pay $120 CAD and pay to ship it back.  Last time I checked you were looking at  close to $250.  Unless you can get to a border town in the US this is a non-starter.


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