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Well, I guess we aren't done with the challenge just yet! Just received notification of another WD donation:

WxForum         Weather-Display      
$525.01         $400.12      

Total   $925.13            


--- Quote from: SLOweather on September 20, 2008, 06:33:36 PM ---Well, I guess we aren't done with the challenge just yet!
--- End quote ---

There's still work to be done.  The annual hosting fee for next year is covered, but the server debt, I presume, remains.  And a little extra to cover the next server would be OK too.

As I understand it WxForum and Weather-Display are not the only groups who are (or were) helping the funding  of findU.com operations. I have many ham friends who say they have also sent donations to Steve so the total we see here is certainly not the total amount he has received. Not that I am trying to discourage any donation to this worthwhile cause, I just want to make it clear we aren't the only ones helping to fund this effort. Many ham BBSs and forum are doing similar notices about this.

I just signed up for cwops this week, but I feel horrible I have spent my hobby cash for the next two months already. I will still make a donation in another month or so, just to make sure fundu stays active for awhile.


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