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20th Anniversary of Saratoga-weather.org

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First light was on 7-Feb-2004 with a one-page website on Comcast Homepages (html only). Wow.. I've been retired that long too :)

The current Saratoga-weather.org site design went online September, 2009 and has proved very durable and it uses many of the scripts I developed/shared.  See the script history for a walk down memory lane if you like.

The first template began 29-Feb-2008 with V1.00 for Weather-Display only.
The Version 3.00 of the templates was released  04-Feb-2011 and has had 404 updates as of 30-Jan-2024

I guess this is a hobby that lasts.

Best regards,

Congratulations Ken!

Thanks for all you have done, and continue to do creating and supporting multiple scripts.

Very much appreciated


Congratulations Ken =D>
Many of us would not be enjoying this hobby if it weren't for your kindness and knowledge, and sharing.


I echo what everyone else has been saying, but you have made my introduction into this weather hobby so much easier with your templates.
Many thanks for your foresight, knowledge and help you have given us all  [tup]

Ken thanks for all the assistance on the templates and vast other applications that you took over. You are a valuable person when it comes the templates and all.



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