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Annke cameras and Imagesalsa


For many many years I've been running ImageSalsa and  Hikvision camera for my webcam on my weather site.

Just recently I've had the camera fail, so bought myself a Annke I91BL camera. Unfortunately the image source line of :-


No longer works for me.

Would like to stick with ImageSalsa, but as many of you know it was discontinued probably 15 years ago, so no updates are likely to ever be available for it, so maybe time to change software ?

Many say Annke are just a rebadged Hikvision, but things have changed over the years, so the url to retrieve the images have probably changed as well.

Thanks for any assistance on this matter.

For the still image url check this:


--- Quote from: davidefa on February 06, 2023, 03:26:02 AM ---For the still image url check this:

--- End quote ---

Thanks, but I did try that and it didn't work for me with this particular camera. :(

as a follow up, I could not get the camera to be read in to ImageSalsa, so bought myself IPTimeLapse to use to get the image in to ImageSalsa so I can do the overlay over the backdoor area of my neighbours house.

I'm sure there must be some way to do this entirely in IPTimelapse, but since I'm still using ImageSalsa for my QuadCam image, and my other weather stickers, it's no big deal at the moment. :)


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