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Still can't get radar & Satellite displays in Saratoga Templates

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Been working on bringing back a site I have neglected for a while. Did all the current updates to yesterday, but I am struggling with the radar. The display shows an icon with this URL:, "which returns Can't Find The Server".

I'm sure it's basic error in my settings.php and/or wxradar.php
However, wxnwsradar.php does work:

Site is here.

There are a number of other broken links but I can solve those I think.

It looks like you missed a few things while updating.  I would start by bringing everything on your site up to the latest versions.  You have a few items that are out of date and a few things that can be removed.

I just did all the latest updates for the basic templates, plus Metebridge. Apart from my custom links, which need attention, can you be more specific?


WeatherUnderground has stopped reliably producing local radar pages, so the WU-radar script/display should be removed.  It was replaced by the NWS radar (wxnwsradar.php).  Change the link for 'Local Radar' from wxradar.php to wxnwsradar.php to restore that function.

Your map displays on the home page needs a different script.  I'd replace index.php with wxindex.php contents from the distribution.

There's a few other scripts that need attention from too.

Thanks Ken, big help I had been out of circulation on the site for a while and knew there was a lot to do! Much appreciated.


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