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Weathersite DIY construction thread using a Pi 4b.

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Thank you for looking that up, I'll put that in when the new pi arrives and I get it all set up. While there is a METAR station here in Port Alsworth it only reports sporadically so I'm not sure it would show up in the tile. At least the METAR doesn't show up in the aviation weather reports. I'll give it a try.

On an unrelated topic, for some reason when I try to download your image from google drive, it gets a few MB into the download and then stops with no errors thrown. Any ideas? My main browser is Vivaldi, but this also happens on Firefox. My OS is Linux Mint LMDE 4.

Well, download speeds from google can vary.  I've seen it pause and have also seen it fail occasionally myself.  So YMMV.  Persistence pays I guess; maybe leave it going overnight?   Your local METAR site does cloud cover reports only btw so it will light up the current weather tile but the tile itself won't show advanced precip conditions (snow sleet T-Storms etc).  You'll see rain conditions of course because that's based on your station data.  I'd for sure give it a shot to see how well it tracks though.  Your closest fully capable METAR site appears to be over in Anchorage (not much use where you are).

Tenth time's a charm I guess.

Now just need to be patient for the mail to come through.

The new Pi came in this afternoon and I'm all set up and running! Looking good  8-)

Thank you again for putting this together and helping to troubleshoot.

ClimaCell is updating their API to v4.0.  I've pushed weathersite v1.7 to the repo to support the new API.  ClimaCell will de-implement  the older api that weathersite v1.6 uses by the end of summer.  In order to use the new API, you will need to re-register for a free developer v4.0 API key at


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