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CSV Export from WUHU with Vantage Pro2


Hi everybody,

As the WUHU forum disappeared, I hope somebody here can help. I recently added a solar radiation sensor and would like to add this sensor to my local CSV data export but there seems to be no sensor ID that WUHU understands - at least I cannot find the specifications in their examples...

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tom,

Have you looked here

Dear CamarilloWX,

Unfortunately, there are no settings to address the two optional Davies light sensors (light intensity and UV). Luckily Steve Gunn from the old Usergroup located a site that allows the download of up to 1 year worth of uploaded data - and my uploads include solar radiation and will hopefully also include UV once I installed the new sensor next week. So no need for me to switch the upload software right now - but probably later as, unfortunately, WUHU seems not to be supported/further developed anymore...

Sincerely, Tom


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