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Last night I attended the annual training put on by Environment Canada for the CANWARN spotters in our area of Ontario.

About 200 people in attendance at the London Fanshawe College session last night.  The moderator, Geoff Coulson, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, Meteorological Service of Environment Canada, does an excellent job in his presentation.  While doing that he specifically mentioned two items which are dear to me:  he talked about the importance of adding new CoCoRaHS contributors explaining how and who uses that data, and also that one of his and his colleagues favourite sites is and showing an image that includes my Blitzortung station tracking a strike.   He says they visit that site often to get a good sense of where and what lightning activity is occurring.  I felt proud, and especially as one of very few reporting to CoCoRaHS from our area and the only Blitzortung station in Southwestern Ontario (sorry Ann-Marie, I'll count you as Central Ontario  ;)  )


This is awesome & you should be proud. I would be as well...since to me it is comforting to know your time & effort is meaningful to someone.

Another year gone and a new CanWarn training session this evening in our area.  As we entered the hall Geoff Coulson of Environment Canada had the site on the big screen for everyone to see.  We've had lightning storms most of the day and evening and there was a lot of activity on the site. It was very impressive and Geoff again said it is one of the key sites they use for lightning information and developing their weather notices.

I made contact with a couple of hams who were interested in the Blitzortung network.

Darn, missed out again in winning a door price and one of the weather radios would have been nice!


Another CANWARN training session completed May 2nd...

There was a new meteorologist as Geoff Coulson has retired.  In his presentation [size=0pt]Gerald Cheng the new Environment Canada [/size]meteorologist mentioned some of their resources and the key websites they monitor, and that includes the usual such as Weather Underground, WeatherBug, and programs like Blitzortung, CoCoRaHS, and now also Windy which they find as a very well done site.  It was nice to see my stations popping up on the big screen =D>



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