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Interference and Noise

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Cutty Sark Sailor:

May resemble a 60Hz line noise, depending on engine etc!

What a hodge-podge!

Possible Quick Resolutions: 1) Patience, it'll drive off, ...or run out of fuel.

Then your neighbor fires up his electric drill, or similar:

Or your energy conscious Green spouse replaces the last 100W incandescent light bulb in the US
with a 13 W fluorescent:

Yes, resembles computer and other similar interference, doesn't it?

Possible Quick Resolutions: 1) Borrow your neighbor's drill. Forget to return it.  2) Paint your face green and claim extreme fatigue and nausea resulting from Mercury radiation poisoning due to the fluorescent, and replace it with a 75 watter...

Hope these initial blurbs help.... post your experience, screen grabs and tips!

Couple of folks had some issues with those robot lawn mowers.... the 'perimeter' radio guidance.  Solutions varied from waiting till grass out of season, giving wife a non-motorized reel mower, ... and I suggested a herd of sheep instead, since they're self-supporting, self-replicating, keep the grass cut short, fertilize it, and provide warm snuggly stuff for cold weather....

Same is true for those electronic "pet fences". Seems like both resemble the 'computer interference' images somewhat.


Take a shot of the signal after someone turns on a plasma TV...I think you will be amazed.  I had a plasma TV for about a week and then took it back.  When the TV was on, it completely wiped out my HF ham radio.


Wow Mike, thanks for sharing this!

Please, Could you give me an eye to my signal to verify if it's apparently ok?

Here it is:

I also posted the image below.....what meaning this message near the captured strike?

Many thanks,


Jumpin Joe:

--- Quote from: Cutty Sark Sailor on October 10, 2013, 02:15:27 PM ---
'Interference': Any undesired signal that tends to interfere with reception.

I thought it time to start a thread that brings all our noise knowledge into one place, especially to help those living with frustration and those who may be less experienced and knowledgeable. Perhaps we could bring our troubleshooting, isolating, and resolution tips here, along with any screen captures we might grab.

We all want the clearest signal at the maximum distance that supports the network, and - for myself - there is some 'pride' and curiosity involved. We have healthy servings of those, or we wouldn't get involved it this! Contra-wise, we also want to avoid hindering the network efficiency by ignoring 'nearby' signals... especially as more stations come online in the USA. Our 'long range'  capability becomes less a factor, and clean signals become more important... not ignoring the heavier load on the servers due to mucho 'noise' signals.

The first phase would be to identify, if we can, the type and source of interference. And that becomes quite a chore sometimes.

I'll kick it off with the following posts....


--- End quote ---

Mike, I think this is a fantastic idea.

I know it will help me.


I like it. Kind of a "rogues gallery" of noises.

I'll post my bad ones here when they occur.



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