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What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: Replacement for Vantage Pro2?
« Last post by CW2274 on Today at 08:20:13 PM »
It has had a good life being exposed to the salt air (I'm about 2 miles as crow flies to the coast).

Don't have a budget, but not looking to spend Vantage Pro2 bucks again.
Unless you get into huge RM Young money, you'll regret not getting another VP2, and not just for longevity.
I've reworked the purpleair-inc.php script to use the new API.  Seems to be working on my page now.

They were fairly fast in providing an API key, but stunningly, the process was via email...  The FAQ on their site needs to be changed now that the old method is turned off.

What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: Replacement for Vantage Pro2?
« Last post by PaulMy on Today at 06:58:21 PM »
Looking for simplicity this time around. Don't want to have computer connected in order to upload and see weather.

Use a Weatherlink Live with your existing/refurnished/new VP2 ISS and view your data on using a phone or tablet or computer from anywhere.

Davis:  WeatherLink Live Davis Instruments

Scaled: Davis 6100 WeatherLink Live (limited availability due to micro chip shortages) Scaled Instruments

I selected pizo rain gauge as the preferred device on the console


I cycled through the rain gauge selection and checked the graphs
Rain is showing on the graphs now, strange....with pizo sensor selected
(assuming your HP2550 console has the WS90 registered)
have you selected "piezo" for your rain gauge in the console settings ?
If the option is set to "traditional" you won't see anything unless a WH65/WS69 or WH40 is connected to the console.
a picture of the console screen showing the warning symbol.

Cycling does not happen on a HP2550 console with the main (one and only) outdoor temperature/humidity icons whose readings come either from an outdoor array or a WH32.
Only with the Indoor (=WH32B, the "B" is important !!), extra T/H (=WH31) and the WH45 T/H sensors cycling happens on the right hand side of the console.

What you are talking about is probably the WH32B indoor sensor (which is different from a WH32 sensor !!), which has also a little display which cycles betweeen T/H and P(ressure).
The battery brand is usually not important - alkaline AA batteries are usually ok.

By the way, "B" stands here for Barometer (see also - please read and digest fully !)
For the PHP script, I had the two sensorida and sensoridb.  Do I use the a value for Weather Display sensor number?

I got a read key, so I'm part way there I think.
WD already has option to use purple air api luckily
It's does but after entering my API key my graph is still flat lined. I think the graph is linked to the old method and not the new one.
Looks like just their regular "Contact us" page is to be used.
Where do you request the API key?  I'm not seeing it readily.
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