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So far, so good, I have this running on CentOS7_64. Just got a Vantage Vue and WLL delivered,  up in the air,  and online today (replacing an old Ambient).
Being on my regular web server, had to open ports in firewalld, fix the subnet on the server itself (my private network is a /13, with the WLL on .1.x and my server on .0.x)
I thought I locked myself out when I added the local subnet to the settings, silly me was hitting it via the public DNS/IP at first, had to change the URL to the private IP of the server..... (good test! it wouldnt let me into the settings via the public NIC....)

My question: How hard do you think it would it be for those with some programming knowledge (old school HTML, ColdFusion, PERL, etc) to add things to the main screen? Is there some readme on what files do what?
Being in ARES, we run weather nets (Ham radio) a lot, and the NWS is always wanting "severe" reports, like rain rate >2"/hr, wind speeds > X, etc., and  Im not seeing any rain data on my GUI & charts?
Id love to add these to the main display, as I plan on having this pulled up on a separate monitor on the wall in the office here for quick reference.

Thanks for this! I was going to start coding something up in plain old javascript/html/etc, but then found this.
AcuRite Weather Stations / AcuRite Access model 09155M
« Last post by dotcompals on Today at 12:37:23 AM »
Hi there,

I am using Acurite 5 in 1 weather station with Lightning detector.
Recently I purchased "AcuRite Access model 09155M" so that I can make my weather station online via MyAcurite / WU.

But when i try to add "AcuRite Access" to MyAcurite App/website, it is returning the following error -

"Device must be connected and reporting data to claim it. Please make sure the device is connected to your router and the status lights are blinking. "

Tried all the methods described here

Can any of you help me getting this device added to MyAcurite please.
thank you
any luck with the wh32ep and installing in the 24 HR FARS?


Hey Frank,

Not yet,
Iím still waiting on it to turn up.
Itís either on a very slow plane or hasnít left Hong Kong yet!!

Hopefully have it this week sometime hereís hoping but wonít hold my breath.

Ecowitt have also said one of my orders is on hold due to the HP2553 receiving some kind of upgrade, they wonít tell me exactly why ;(

Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Retrieving data locally.
« Last post by Storm017 on Yesterday at 11:58:59 PM »
There are drivers for influx:
any luck with the wh32ep and installing in the 24 HR FARS?

Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: Retrieving data locally.
« Last post by Asbee on Yesterday at 09:54:31 PM »
WeeWX is the answer.  What was the question????? ;)

My question is how i can read data from the data logger using python?
And i wanna send my data to my server which uses InfluxDB.
How do i achieve this?

Is WeeWX the perfect tool for this?
What i read from the WeeWX site it says it only supports sqlite and MYsql.
So i dont know if it is the right program for me.
it will not allow me to login with the IP address on the back of the TP-link. I used to work in other modem.
What what the IP config previously DHCP, Static or associated with the MAC? Do you know if the Gateway (IP) of this modem is different to the previous?

I had a netgear now I have a Comcast modem
It wonít let me login to the meteobridge IP address for some reason. I have the correct IP address and Mac for the TP/link
Meteohub/Meteobridge / Re: Any idea when Pro will be in stock?
« Last post by fkapp on Yesterday at 08:21:16 PM »
Yeah the WLL logger feature is nice. worked well when the AWS data center downtime affected uploads earlier this year.
But raises a question. Will the WLL data be available to the MB PI when the power comes back on line.
If the data is avail on the WLL historical data, would be nice if would be available to the MB.

at $50 a year, in few years the savings can buy additional sensors/ gear vs access to data.

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