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Microsferics hardware engineer wanted
« on: April 25, 2020, 03:11:02 AM »
Hi all,

Because I have been very enthusiastically involved in the Microsferics project from the beginning, I make this appeal.
The promising project can proceed if a replacement is found for the electric engineer responsible for developing and manufacturing the hardware.
In addition, it is important to know that the hardware is currently almost fully developed and it is only necessary to support in resolving malfunctions via the Microsferics forum.
In addition, manufacturing the hardware remains a task.
The current hardware developer indicates that general knowledge of electronics is sufficient.
Relko, responsible for the software development, indicates this:
In terms of skills, he (or she) should have knowledge of VLF/LF radio,
antenna design, signal conditioning (amplification/filtering etc.), GPS
integration best practices, surface mounted PCB design and CAD (e.g.
KiCad). Being able to document and write function specifications is also
important. This includes helping users via mail and forum.

To work seamlessly as a team he/she should be at least a little familiar
with what I do -- digital signal processing, interfacing with
microprocessors, firmware development, Linux/Windows software
development and PC hardware in general. And of course, must have good
English skills, written and spoken.

Lastly there are no fixed time commitments. The person can put in as
many hours as (s)he wants but we don't want anyone who is constantly
busy and prioritizes everything else. I'd say one day per week is a
reasonable minimum although this will vary with time of year and other
factors so that sometimes it may require 3 days/week, other times there
may be nothing going on for several weeks.
Initially we need someone to learn the current  hardware, handle tech support and then in the future, help improve the current design and be able realize new ideas on the hardware level.
I have found someone in the Netherlands who is possibly willing to discuss whether he wants to take on the sale and shipping.
It is an owner of a leading webshop for work-related hardware and software.
How fantastic it would be if this project could continue.
Is there anyone who has this expertise and is willing to take it over?
Please, help find someone.