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Is there is a mobile browser view you can enable for the forum, or any plans to support this in the future?

Tapatalk plugin is installed.  its a bit flakey from time to time but it works.  just install Tapatalk for iOS or Android.

I was hoping whoever runs the forum might be able to confirm if there is an update due any time soon that provides adaptive rendering for mobile devices. Unfortunately I have had poor experiences with Tapatalk and don't really want to inflict that lousy app on my devices.

I did a bit of looking through the SMF modifications for mobile-responsive themes and was sadly unimpressed.  Tried a few of the 'popular' ones and they looked fairly terrible, and wouldn't play well with our modifications/plugins.  So, sadly, no native mobile-responsive theme will be available here.
Tapatalk is the one to use, although I don't much care for it either.

I find browsing in landscape mode on my phone works best for me.  Normally I use a PC or my iPad, and both work well enough.

I use an Android tablet in landscape with Chrome and it works perfectly. I actually can't stand it when I'm on my tablet and some other websites enforce a mobile view instead of the standard desktop view. Yes I know I can sometimes override and request the full desktop version but sometimes it does not work. I find it just terrible that some sites only detect Android and they automatically think it is a phone in portrait mode. Way too limited to have mobile view enforcement.


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