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Since this morning the login of redirects to the PLESK cPanel.
Accessing it from my home / Belgium

Is it only me / only Europe / parts of the World?

I used a VPN to California => I can login and post this
Tested other locations

Login redirects to Plesk when gateway is using ipv6 addresses Remote Address: [2607:f1c0:1801:1b7::1]:443
Login works OK when using ipV4 addresses Remote Address:

Forced my Mac -> Router -> Gateway to use ipV4 addresses and I can normally work again.
Rebooting   the Mac and the router did not help.


Edit: Needed to change Plex to Plesk due to smart-typing and using translator. Will better watch the red underlining  :grin:

I had shut the computer down last night and had to log in this morning and everything went as it should.  I'm in Northern Michigan, USA.

Ran into the Plex login issue myself. Tried logging in, and it tells me that the user/password is incorrect. Made me think, I know this is correct. I am in Arkansas.

It is Plesk not Plex. Plesk is the control panel for hosting services, very similar to the much older and competitive product cPanel.

It seems to me like some hosting change or update turned on IPv6 for the forum. The forum since having been moved to new hosting last year has been running with only IPv4. On the older hosting it did run on both IPv4 and IPv6. Ken purposefully did not enable IPv6 at the time of the hosting move last year. Maybe it was 2 years ago that the move happened, can't remember for sure. Anyway we have been on IPv4 only for a really long time. Part of Ken's reasoning for staying on IPv4 only was to make it easier to deal with spammers. Therefore it seems like something has happened to enable IPv6 (probably some automatic hosting updates) and it isn't fully configured which is why you get the Plesk hosting login for administration.

Ken is in California and we'll need to wait for him to look at this in a few hours when he gets up. I've messaged him. For those of you that have messaged me I'm just a Moderator, I don't have access to Administrator stuff.

Sorry... my bad.  I'd added IPV6 to to try and address a email issue to folks (which seem to insist on IPV6 connection).

I've removed the AAAA records in the DNS, and set Plesk to only use the IPV4 address for the forum.

Hope it clears up with the DNS refresh, and sorry for the inconvenience.


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