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Auto tiny font when editing a post


Quite often there is an auto-introduced small font on bits of text that I have entered, or a [ quote ] or URL link being added, and sometimes don't notice it until after the Post is sent.  Also after Post there are double line feeds.  It definitely is not typed by me.  Usually I can edit the font size by highlighting and selecting Font size to 10pt.

Is this my computer or keyboard, or are others seeing the same?  Using Windows 10 and Logitech keyboard.


Hi Paul,
I'm seeing your post above with normal (default) size/font.

Hi Ken,
After I notice it I usually go back after it was posted with tiny font (not the whole post, just the text in the [ quote ] or URL link) and modify it.  In fact the initial post here did the same thing, and after it was posted I modified it to the usual font size so now it looks good.  Sometimes I see it when typing the post so I then copy the text in Notepad++ to complete and copy back in to the forum and Post.  Most of the time it can be seen in a Review but sometimes not until after Post.

Next time I'll capture it and post in this thread.



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