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Does anyone perform regular reboot of their router and or cable modem?

I got to work and noticed that my site was stuck at 3:38am.  At first I assumed a bad windows update boot, caused VWS to not start properly.  Then I noticed my strikelink was not working.  So I assumed very bad things like dead pc/drive.  My wife was out so I could not confirm if the Mac was working....  Then I noticed my web cam images were stuck, since they are both netcams that dont require my pc to even be turned on.... lead me to think router. (cable modem, or cable would have been next culprits)

Had my wife pull the power on the router, put it back in, and a few seconds later, ftp's started working, and my lightning stuff started updating again.

Anyway, this router has been on for 15 months straight, and this was my first issue ever, so I guess I should not jump to change anything... but does anyone periodically reset/reboot power off their network stuff.   I guess there is just as much of a chance that booting your stuff unecessarily might lead to an outage...



Not usually. Only when something like you had happen, which is very uncommon as far I'm concerned. Haven't had an issue like that for years.


Never here either.

Thanks, I will just chalk it up to an anomoly....

I know someone that setup a timer on both the router and cable modem at my inlaws house.  The idea was to "clear" the connection each night.  But they used a cheap manual dial timer and a one hour off block.... over time and after a few black outs, the "off" period moved into mid morning.   My wife called my a said the internet never worked from 9 to 10am, it was happening for weeks.  Repeated calls to ISP said nothing was wrong.  I went downstairs that night and found the culprit.  The installer (their son) claimed this was a best practice to keep a clean internet connection...

Anyway, was not going to do that, at least I would have used a digital timer with a one minute on/off if I was....

I will just leave it alone, and hope it goes another 15 months, or longer till next issue.


Garth Bock:
I am on Comcast and have had to reset my wireless n router about once a year at the most when there has been an outage and the modem won't pick up an IP from the modem. Now the modem is a different story. There has been 3 strange outages over the past 4 months where I had to repower the modem to get back online. Comcast said they could see nothing wrong (yeah right). Anyway the connection seems stable so far.


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