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ok so i have 2 monitors... one 17in and one 18 in lol,  for now i want to run it one one computer, how do i do that?


You need to have a video card that supports duel monitors.  Once you have determined you have a video card that can do that and plugged both monitors into it, you go into the display properties (right-click on the desktop and go to properties) and go to the settings tab.  Click on the #2 box and you should be able to check the "Extend on Desktop".  That should  do it.

ahh ok thanks=)


You dont need a new video card.  You just need an adapter.  We just rolled out 200 pc's with dual monitors at work on pc's with a single monitor video card.   We used an Aluratek AUD1000F adapter...  All you need is a free usb 2.0 port and about $70-$100. Software on CD, pretty much plug and play after that.....

There are several models/brands on the market (check out tigerdirect) that do the same thing.


If he's going to need $70 to $100 is software. What is a video card with dual outputs going to cost?


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