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Using 5V and 12V P.C. fans with FARS.

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I see where folks are using voltage step up circuits to be able to use small solar cells to power P.C. fans. Look here for ideas if you are trying this approach. www.instructables.com/id/The-Amazing-Solar-Powered-Fan-A-Green-Gadget/

I've personally haven't tried this so cannot verify if it works or not.


That was too long and difficult sounding for me to follow at the late hour (waiting on a big download), but I was wandering around in the local Walmart today and saw some of the solar landscaping light sets.
I think it was around $20US for a set of eight lights.

Just seems like there should be a simple way to connect all of them up somehow to produce enough to run a fan for a few hours after the sun goes down.

Put all the panels in one box with the batteries and run a wire to the fan. Might even help to position the panels in an arc shape to maybe "catch" a little more sunlight as the earth turns.

I'm still thinking about getting the Davis daytime FARS kit, but if I could come up with something for 20 bucks that would even run after sundown, I might try it.

Joe, if you want to run a fan even after the sun goes down then you will need to run the fan on batteries (or a powerpack and extension cord). I believe the current FARS discussion that's been going on here is with regard to running a fan when it's most needed, when the sun is shining on the shield. This way you can use the sun only for the power and batteries aren't needed. If I understand what you'e saying that you want the fan to run "for a few hours after the sun goes down" then you can do it with a small 3v fan and some rechargable AA batteries. The fan would run in the evening/night for as long as the batteries will support it. You could use a modified garden solar light to control the evening power on time. Check out this article for a car solar ventilator (especially step 3). You would do it a little differently for a FARS but the electronics are the same.  www.instructables.com/id/%246-Solar-Fan/  basically you swap the solar light's L.E.D. for a 3v fan and that's it.
Hope this helps. Regards,

I came across this yesterday and thought it was interesting:


Slow modem, I am sort of going that route.



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