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Remove Earth Networks Forum Section


When the admin team has a chance, please proceed with removing the Earth Networks forum section from WxForum.

With the Earth Networks PWS system being shut down as of May 2018 and replaced with instead using data from NWS CWOP/NOAA MADIS, there isn't any solid reason to keep the forum section active, since we're directly managing support with our customers via email.

I want to thank the WxForum admin team for allowing us to have a forum section on WxForum over the years, and I want to thank everyone for your contributions to it over the years!

A few more notes:

* I'll still personally remain on WxForum after the Earth Networks section is shut down, just contributing in a personal manner
* Now that the Earth Networks PWS system has been shut down and replaced with NWS CWOP/NOAA MADIS integration, for anyone who has PWS questions, please either direct them to NWS CWOP Support by visiting or by using the NWS CWOP discussion forum on here (I do not work for the NWS, so I am unable to assist in any official capacity on this front). As we stated earlier, as long as you're sending data to NWS CWOP, Earth Networks can access your station data through NOAA MADIS.
* Since late 2016 with WeatherBug now being owned by GroundTruth, I no longer have the ability to answer any questions or provide any product-roadmap information on behalf of WeatherBug (my IT consulting role is still with Earth Networks, the former owner of WeatherBug. I am not consulting for WeatherBug under its new ownership). This link explains the changes: Any questions concerning WeatherBug will need to be directed to WeatherBug itself
Thanks again everyone, and I look forward to finding other fun discussions on here to jump into!

Hi Nathan,

I have cloaked the board as you requested.

Best regards,


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