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After the death of an SD card on my Raspberry Pi running WeeWX I decided to give Meteobridge a try.
I was surprised how well it worked out.
I own my weather station since last summer. The dedicated hardware versions were to expensive for me, but the cost for this RPi version is reasonable.

Until my SLC card arrives, I wanted to set up the trial version to feed my Opensprinkler Weather Service running on another RPi.
The Official Meteobridge forum didn't allow me to register with a gmail e-mail address, so I try it here.

I added following as a HTTP event.
Temperature and Humidity gets through to the service, but rain data doesn't.
Code: [Select][th0temp-act=F.0:0]&humidity=[th0hum-act.0:--]&rainin=[rain0total-sum1=inch.0:0]&dailytainin=[rain0total-sumday=inch.0:0]&dateutc=now
Here is the article about the format.

Here is an example from above site:
Code: [Select]
https://<Local Weather Service IP:Port>/weatherstation/updateweatherstation.php?tempf=70.5&humidity=90&rainin=0&dailytainin=0.54&dateutc=2000-01-01+10%3A32%3A35Here is, how rain data should be formatted:
rainin   0.34   Accumulated rainfall in inches over the last 60 min
dailyrainin   1.45   Accumulated rainfall in inches for the current day (in local time)

An Ecowitt GW1000/Froggit DP1500 is attached with a Froggit WH3000SE is feeding the data.
It was raining today and I see rain data on Meteobridge.

Could somebody help me to get the formatting of the rain data right?

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Got accepted at the Meteobridge forum.
There was a typo at the original format description.

Here is the definition, that actually works, in case someone would need it.

Code: [Select][th0temp-act=F.1:0]&humidity=[th0hum-act.0:--]&rainin=[rain0total-sum1=inch.2:0]&dailyrainin=[rain0total-sumday=inch.2:0]&dateutc=[UYYYY]-[UMM]-[UDD]+[Uhh]%3A[Umm]%3A[Uss]