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What NOAA Weather Radio stations can you get in your area?

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Example: I get WWF34 as my main station, but I can also receive WXN99, KJY62, and hardly WZ2560 and some more stations between the summer and fall months, mainly the one along the lakeshore.

I am going to check that out and see. I have antenna on tower at 40 feet. Should get a few.

Hayden M:
My primary station is WWF56 and I receive WWH27/WWH28 as secondary...with a very faint background bleed-over of some other station I cannot determine the ID of. WXL95 comes in well, except during windy days. I can occasionally receive KIG75 and KZZ73, but is hit-or-miss. If I get lucky, I can snag a signal off of WZ2522. If I head a few miles South to the Horse Heaven Hills, I can also get WXM48 when facing Northwest.

Hayden, are you also the same one that streams WWF56?

Hayden M:
Yep, that is me.


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