Author Topic: I made an iOS app for visualizing your PWS data and am looking for testers  (Read 108 times)

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Hello! My name is Pascal and I am a weather geek.

I am also a sucker for great app design and data visualisation. Ever since I installed a Personal Weather Station in my backyard (, I have been disappointed in the solutions available to me for viewing the data from my PWS in a pleasant and useful way, on the go.

I also happen to be what some would call an Apple fanboy, as well as a software developer and designer. Therefore, I had to design and build yet another weather app for the iOS App Store.

But Me.teo is a different kind of weather app. It is all about the weather in your own backyard, as monitored by your personal weather station.

While some short-term forecasts are available, Me.teo is really focused on your live and historical weather data, slicing and dicing it in a way that is both useful and easy on the eyes.

And right now, I am looking for beta testers to provide feedback and report bugs before I make the app available to the general public.

However, I have decided to treat myself to the latest and greatest developer technologies from Apple, which means that the app will only run on iOS 15 which is still in beta.

So, if you happen to be an enthusiast of both weather and Apple tech, and you already have iOS 15 beta on your iPhone (or iPad) because you couldn't wait, I would love to have you take my app for a spin!

My app's website is

You can either sign up on the home page to be notified when the app is available on the App Store, or register as a beta tester on