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Physical installation (VP2+ ISS & Anemometer) FAQ ?

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Is there a good resource for information on the physical installation of a weather station? E.G., what kinds of pipe and fittings to use, what to avoid, best procedures for getting it up, ideas for moving (for us on dock in summer and somewhere on land in winter (though tempting to sink a pole in to the ice for the winter but given ice movement it could end up destroyed)).

In my specific case ( I'm initially planning to attach a 16' pole to the side of a boat lift for a VP2+. Getting the ISS (@ 10-12') and anemometer (@16') above the canopy might be tricky. I'll also have a leaf transmitter on there w/ 4 temp probes for water temps.

1) Is it reasonable to attach the ISS and anemometer to the pole on the ground and then tilt the whole package upright and fasten to the pole? I'm not sure I can put a ladder up to mount the ISS w/ the pole pre-installed.

2) Recommendations on pole material? 1.25" OD black pipe? Is there a good aluminum option that might work?

3) Would large hose clamps be sufficient to secure it to the lift upright? Other ideas?


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--- Quote from: Snowda on May 17, 2021, 07:12:05 PM ---2) Recommendations on pole material? 1.25" OD black pipe? Is there a good aluminum option that might work?

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I believe I used  6061 T6 1.25" OD 0.125" wall thickness Aluminum tubing to mount mine.  It seemed quite satisfactory.  I painted it to a color near that of my stucco, just so it would fit in better.  No obvious deterioration in a decade.

Thanks. A 16' length of T6 should work. Is your's raw? Any problems with buildup of black gunk on it (this is along a walkway that people might brush up against)? Coremark near us has some Sched 80 in stock which is a bit thicker but I think should still work and be a bit more solid.

I wonder how well something like this ( 2" dia sectional flagpole would work. More expensive but it's anodized so none of the black gunk problems. Some older discussion here:

CWOP has a good starting guide on placement.
It is recommended over a grassy, open area for best results. Rock, gravel, etc. reflect/radiate heat and can cause false high readings.

I wanted to add in that I see you look like you'll be mounting it at a Marina, so the Aluminum will bias readings all time since it is a heat absorber/releaser. If you are just interested in that location, no worries, but that would definitely not be an area I would be sending data to CWOP.  ;)


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